Animals get you. We help you better understand them in return.

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We specialize in animal training & behavior support for Neurodivergent learners via our unique 1-on-1 coaching service

Pet Behavior Resolution

Foundation to Advanced Training

Advanced Concepts & Professional Development

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And yes... that was me!

"Despite considerable difficulties throughout my childhood into my young adult years (later being discovered Neurodivergent ASD/ADHD), it was my unyielding 'special interest' in animals and ultimately the applied science of behavior as communication with them that enabled me to become the competent, confident animal training & behavior technician I am today.

I now coach others so that they may find the same empowerment of pride and confidence in knowledge & ability that doesn't just end with the bonds formed with the animals in their life, but extends to every aspect of it."

Miranda Hebert, CPAT-KA

Animal Empowered Coach

2 ways of working together

Online worldwide

1. One-on-One Coaching

Monthly coaching/mentorship service; fully customized support tailored to your needs. 

✔️ Service based around your unique needs & abilities

✔️ Tailored with respect to your learning & communication preferences

✔️ Achievable, actionable steps (for you!) ensures your progress

$395/month (with a minimum commitment of 2 months for behavior-related issues).* Includes 1 hour session + up to 2 additional customized support hours per week. That's 3 hours of custom-to-you and your needs support every week!

*Local in-person/hands-on training support options available at additional travel cost(s).

Tired of struggling?

Feel let down or disappointed by the results (or lack thereof) of other professional services, and/or concerned about future return on your investment?

Does the thought of having to explain or face your personal barriers with a new professional paralyze you from getting help?

Discuss your needs for free and find out if it's right for you

There's no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

2. Online Courses

Available only on Tromplo.com!

More info coming soon! Website is still under construction. Your understanding is very appreciated. :)

Upcoming course schedule:


Additional local services

R+ for Horses

Hands-on training sessions


Industry professional consulting (vets, farriers, barns, coaches)

Mentorship (No horse? No problem!)

The Buddy Project

Animals in Film/TV+

Animal coordinator sourcing/supplying animals, training, and handling for their roles in film/tv/media.

Exactly what you need, where & when you need it.

Exceptionally fast & quality results.

NO fear/force/aversive methods used.

For everything else:

Contact me RE: custom service availability