Animal Empowered Coach

Miranda Hebert

Certified Professional Animal Trainer (CPAT-KA)

Miranda Hebert is an expertly-proficient animal training & behavior technician with 17 years of hands-on animal training experience, and 8 years working as a professional consultant.

She has worked with a variety of animal species and always looks forward to adding more to her list. She considers her skills in animal training and behavior analysis second only to her motivation for infinite learning—so long as it speaks to the 'nitty-gritty' applied science of behavior, or benefits the holistic wellness of the species she works with in order to better contribute to protecting and improving their lives through her work.

She is an advocate for live animal representation on screen and in popularized media, viewing this as an integral piece of protecting animal welfare through realistic depictions of animal behavior, expression, and inspiring heights of their true abilities. Towards this end she is active in the film/tv/media industry coordinating and training animals for their roles.

Miranda never wants to see a world where humans and animals can't coexist to the mutual benefit and support of each other's wellness, and has found her greatest strengths rooted in her experience teaching and learning from animals.

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Our methods and instruction align with the latest research in the ethical care, management, training, and welfare of animals.

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